Started in 2017, Multiverse was just a club on a roleplay sim. In 2022, we brought it back as a standalone club, and we gained quite a bit of popularity, but had to close in early-ish 2023. We changed the name and the look, but we still just weren’t happy with it, and inevitably closed “for good”, or so we thought. However, our owner, Aurora, was really missing the club, so we reopened as a smaller, brighter place, less flashy to bring our love of music to the forefront. We also have big plans in the works for another sort of “sister” club/even stage that will be much larger than the Multiverse itself! We’d love to have you, so please feel free to visit us in-world, join our group or subscribe to our feed to be updated when a DJ goes live and to hear about the updates incoming!

We are now made up of several seasoned live mix DJs, radio style DJs, down to earth and approachable management and fun-loving party people. Multiverse is, and has always been a club made with love and the desire to give people a home and a safe space to be whoever they want. We pride ourselves (no pun intended haha) in being allies of the LGBTQ+ community, with some of our members being proud MEMBERS of that community as well! We will forever be accepting of whoever you are. We also welcome all avatars, including fursonas, animals, aliens, literally boxes, anything you desire! Everyone is unique, and we welcome all of you with open arms.